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Killer Pecans

Rancher's Box

Rancher's Box

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Pecans and chocolate and cinnamon and jam, all the things great gifts are made of!

Who doesn’t love the mystique of the American west and the men and women who bring home the beef? Maybe some vegans but this box is perfect for them too! Everyone loves some sweet and savory snacks after a long day of herding cows or whatever else you’re working hard at!  Your box set is carefully nestled in decorative kraft shred and shipped in our signature box measuring 13” x 11” x 4” and includes a card with a personal note from you. 

Rancher's Box Includes:

Killer Pecans 8 oz bag

The original flavor that started it all! House made, custom spice blend give Original Spice Killer Pecans their unique savory flavor; a little sweet and a little spicy.  Original Spice Killer Pecans deliver a warm, back of the throat after burn that is just the right amount of heat for most palates.  Perfect for adding to salads, holiday recipes, ice cream, charcuterie displays or enjoy with a cocktail or right out of the bag.  Perfect for gifting, including in gift baskets, goodie bags, taking to social gatherings, or keeping all for yourself!  *Best Seller!

Chocolate Dynamite Killer Pecans 8 oz bag

Known as Dynamite with a Laser Beam, or Chocolate Dynamite for short. Spicy, sweet and crunchy Killer Pecans dipped in the dark, bittersweet chocolate from the chocolatiers at Dude Sweet Chocolate, is a collaboration you have to have in your kitchen. They’re guaranteed to blow your mind! 

Our famous Killer Pecans dipped in rich dark chocolate will create an experience any chocolate lover won’t be able to forget. Once again, we bring you the delectable combination of sweet and spicy.

Cinnamon Eggnog Pecans 8 oz bag

If you love eggnog you’re going to love these pecans and if you don’t love eggnog you’re going to love these pecans! Crispy, crunchy cinnamon pecans, dipped in creamy white chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar and nutmeg.  Who created your new favorite holiday treat? Christmas Fairies? Santa’s Elves? No, it was the Chocolatiers at Dude Sweet Chocolate, makers of Chocolate Dynamite Killer Pecans and the also new Chocolate Dynamite Fudge.  Now pour yourself a glass of rum, brandy or whiskey and get in the holiday mood with some Eggnog Pecans.

Chocolate Dynamite Fudge 3 piece box

 This much chocolate is difficult to describe.  Is it a brownie, is it fudge, is it a truffle? It’s the best of all three! This 2”X2”X2” square of chocolate heaven is soft, butter toffee, but we are calling it fudge, only better. Dense dark chocolate with the creamy texture of the inside of a truffle laced with some spicy Killer Pecans and coated with a thin, crisp dark chocolate exterior.  It’s a mouthful of wow!  Three squares in each 2” X 2” X 4” box.

Cherry Clove Cabernet Jam 8 oz jar

Take your cheese or charcuterie up a notch by adding some Cherry Clove Cabernet Jam to the mix.  It will elevate your sophistication and make you look like you really know what you're doing!  Serve it with goat cheese and pecans if you're feeling fancy or dress up the cream cheese if that's what you like.  It's even pretty good on toast, add a glass of cabernet if you really want to take it to the next level!  Made by Jammit Jam in Dallas, this wonderful jam is low in sugar and full in fruit and flavor.

Apple Cinnamon Bourbon Jam 8 oz jar

It’s time to get creative with some jam!  Apple Cinnamon Bourbon Jam is best enjoyed with Killer Pecans and, well, anything else!  Imagine a biscuit with Apple Cinnamon Bourbon Jam, Chopped Killer Pecans, butter and a slice of gouda? If you must, it’s even pretty darn good with cream cheese and crackers.  Need some more suggestions? See our recipe for a spectacular grilled cheese!  Made by Jammit Jam in Dallas, this wonderful jam is low in sugar and full in flavor.


Our Products are made deep in the heart of Texas using only the highest quality, natural ingredients.

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