Our Story

WE ARE NUTS ABOUT PECANS! Founded in 2006 by Chefs George and Katie Brown, Killer Pecans is committed to the finest pecans based on authentic, regional recipes. Our focus is premium roasted and seasoned pecans created from Texas junior mammoth pecans in small batches to ensure premium quality and freshness. 

From professional chefs to purveyors of pecans...

George and Katie’s culinary journeys began in childhood. In his grandmother's kitchen, George learned that cooking for others was an expression of love. For Katie, cooking was her
mother’s way of keeping her busy in the summers and teaching her the importance of following directions, while giving the satisfaction of a finished product.

These humble beginnings steered them both into the food industy. George worked for Master Chef Victor Gieliese, who showed him an unknown culinary world, while Katie yearned to learn more than what she could by working at small-town restaurants. They both headed north to The Culinary Institute of America, where they learned the fine art of cooking, met each other, graduated, and then entered the wider world together.

In 1999, they started GEORGE Catering and then later famed Dallas establishment, GEORGE Restaurant, which they were devoted to for 12 successful years.

While catering, Katie and George received constant compliments on the delicious, crunchy, spiced Texas pecans that topped their salads. With a push from clients and friends to sell their addictive pecans, Killer Pecans was born in 2006.

Now under the umbrella of Bandera Foods, Killer Pecans, is a specialty Texas food company focused on premium roasted and chef-created seasoned pecans and artisanal pecan products.

Native Texas Pecans

All of our unique flavors are made with premium quality junior mammoth Texas pecans grown in Texas, roasted in small batches to ensure optimal crunch, and then tossed in spices hand-crafted in our kitchen.

Nothing else on the market compares with our complex flavors or the crisp crunch of our pecans. Killer Pecans are a unique treat, great for giving, snacking, adding to sweet and savory recipes, or enjoying with beer, wine, and cocktails. Killer Pecans come in bags, tins and gift sets, making them perfect for giving or a treat for yourself!

  • Killer Pecans Mammoth Texas Pecan Orchard

    Texas Sourced

    We strive to find the freshest, highest quality local ingredients. Our Killer & Smokin’ Pecans are made from the best mammoth pecans available from just down the road in San Saba, Texas.

  • Killer Pecans Texas Mammoth Pecans

    Fresh Small Batches

    Our products are made-by-hand in small batches to ensure that they are of the highest quality and ultimate freshness for our customers.

  • Killer Pecans Camembert Board

    Handmade Artisan Flavor

    Everything we do – our recipes, our small batch production by hand – underlines our commitment to creating artisanal products to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Killer Pecans Brown Family

From then to now

In 2012, after years of operating a busy catering company, starting and operating Killer Pecans, and raising triplets (born in 2004), George and Katie decided to pursue a more balanced life. They took some time to slow down and figure out what they wanted to do and where they wanted to do it. Now they live on 10 acres in Lucas, Texas – about 25 miles north of Dallas and a squeak east of Allen – with their three kids and more than 40 farm animals! Today they are focused exclusively on Killer Pecans and spreading their love of pecans to you, no matter where you are.